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At Hunter Windows, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality and performance with every product we offer.

Our commitment to excellence involves a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure your windows and doors meet the highest industry standards for structural integrity, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and more. Discover the assurance of quality that comes with every one of our products.

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AS2047 is an Australian Standard that specifies the performance requirements for windows and doors in buildings. It covers various aspects such as structural integrity, water penetration resistance, air infiltration, and more. Hunter Windows ensure certification compliance for your windows and doors through the following steps.

  1. Certification: All our windows and doors are certified to meet the AS2047 standard, indicating their quality and performance reliability.
  2. Testing: Laboratory testing is undertaken to demonstrate compliance with AS2047, testing a product’s performance under various conditions.
  3. Materials and Construction: All products are designed and constructed with materials that meet the standard’s requirements for structural integrity, weather resistance, and energy efficiency.
  4. Installation Support: We offer either full installation or support to ensure proper installation, which is crucial for maintaining compliance with AS2047.

Hunter Windows offer a range of aluminium windows and aluminium doors certified to meet the requirements for a BAL-40 zone. Our aluminium windows and aluminium doors are engineered and tested to withstand the conditions likely to occur in a BAL-40 zone and are designed to help you protect your home whilst still delivering unprecedented style, efficiency and functionality for your lifestyle.


Injury and death of children as a result of falls from windows are a tragic and preventable occurrence. The Australian Building Code has been updated in 2013 to establish regulations for the installation of windows with restricted openings in applications where there is a risk of injury or death from accidental falls. AWS supports this initiative and has undertaken extensive research and development to allow the supply and installation of compliant aluminium window systems that will reduce the risk of injury. When installing into applications which are deemed by the BCA to require the installation of guards or restricted openings, aluminium windows can be fitted with:

  • Restricted opening chain winders
  • Buffer stops
  • Restricted opening latches


The Building Code of Australia requires restriction devices to be fitted and tested as outlined below.

  • Apply a 250N force with a 125mm bullet shaped object to the most vulnerable point perpendicular to the sash opening of the window for a period of 10 seconds then remove.
  • If the 125mm bullet shaped object passes completely through the opening at any point once the force is applied, the product would be deemed as a failure.
  • Barriers or locks are required to be fitted on operable windows in Early Childhood Centres and in habitable rooms of residential buildings (including apartments and multi-storey homes) where windows are more than two metres above the ground.
Acoustic Rating

Our range of aluminium windows and doors have a variety of SoundOUT™ windows and doors that provide noise reduction solutions for your home.

The products have been tested at the National Acoustic Laboratories. For further details please refer to the product information sheets.

Cyclone Rating

In various areas of Australia, cyclones pose a real risk of property damage and personal injury.

At Hunter Windows, we offer windows that are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards, including AS1170.2 for wind loads and AS4055 for glazing performance. This ensures your windows can withstand the strong winds and flying debris associated with cyclones, offering you peace of mind during extreme weather events.

Our Projects

Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors

Hive Childcare

This truly is a unique, bespoke development located in the heart of Morisset business park. The site consists of two independent buildings, home to The Hive Academy childcare and Coastal Commercial Flooring.

Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors
Aluminium Windows and Doors

Sky Residences

In the heart of Newcastle CBD’s Civic Cultural Precinct is contemporary build that showcases what Hunter Windows can achieve.